Who's Heroine?

You Are! Mary Is Here To Serve. She Is Not The Main Character In The Play.

She Is The Host & The Glue To Put Together The Unleash Your Fire Podcast & The Sponsor (**Cough! Cough!) Because She Doesn't Have The Time To Look For A Sponsor Or Consider Other Possibilities Yet.

When Mary First Started Hotpug. She Sat Down & Had A Chat With A Handful Of Women Who Inspired Her. Every Single Women Do What They Do, Out Of Love For Someone Or Something Other Than Themselves. Women Are Amazing!

Are You An Eco Entrepreneur Too? Phenomenal! We Have Got To Connect!!!

How To Become A Hotpug Heroine:

When You Look At The Cover Of The Podcast It Says By Hotpug Heroine! You Too Can Become One When:

  • You Are Featured On The Show
  • You Support The Show Like A Super Fan
  • You Join The Tribe! Click Here
  • You Subscribe To The Podcast On Wherever You Listen To Podcasts
  • You Give Us A 5 Star Rating & Write Us An Awesome Review On iTunes
  • You Tell All Your Family & Friends About Us
  • You Help Spread The Show Like Wildfire On Social Media! Word Of Mouth Or Any Way You Can Image!
  • You Send In A Guest Application To Be Featured On The Show But Unfortunately Wasn't Chosen. You Are Still My Heroine For Showing Up! (There Are Limited Spots On The Show)

Nevertheless, You Can Still Become A Heroine & Save The Planet! Ask Yourself This:

  • Do I Have The Desire To Help Other People?
  • What Is My Superpower?
  • What Can I Do To Help Other People? 
  • Am I Willing To Push Through My Comfort Zones?
  • So I Can Become All I Was Meant To Be!
  • Am I Willing To Become The Leader Of A Movement?
  • Can I Lead By Example?
  • And Help Even More People Or Animals Or Causes?
  • How Green Is My Lifestyle?
  • How Green Is My Business? Can I Make It Greener?
  • Am I Making Green Boring Or Hot?

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