Shall we?

Go Green! Make Money & Save The Planet! Why Not? Money Is Not To Blame. The Way People Make Or Use Money Is The Problem Or The Solution. Businesses Can Be Eco-Driven Instead Of Economy Driven.

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We All Need Money To Survive, Thrive And Live The Best Life Ever. Instead Of Telling People What Not Do. Why Don’t We Flip The Script And Tell Them All The Good Things They Can Do If They Were To Level Up.

We All Want To Be Empowered, Inspired And Fulfilled. As Long As You Have The Right Intentions You Will Be Motivated. Mary Is So Motivated Her Eyes Automatically Pop Open At 4am In The Morning. 

Believe That Your Love And Purpose Will Move You In The Right Directions. No One Has It All Figured Out. Let Us Find Our Light Together In This Darkness. You Are Invited To Join The UnLeash Your Fire Podcast Community! Click Here!

Here Are Some Of The Problems Women Eco-Entrepreneurs Face:

  • A Lot Of Women Eco-Entrepreneurs Are Also Solo-Entrepreneurs & Or Mom-Entrepreneurs & Or Single Mom-Entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship Is A Long, Lonely, Rough Road.
  • Starting From Scratch With Low To Non-Existence Start Up Capital.
  • Have No Connections & Little To No Support From Family & Friends.
  • Completely New, Is Scared & Have No Clue Where To Start Or Who To Trust.
  • Juggling With Many Different Aspects Of The Business.
  • Experiencing Social Media Overwhelm & Burnout.
  • A Lot Of People Are Out To Get Our Money.
  • Eco Means High Start Up Cost.
  • Eco Means High Ethical Standards.
  • Eco Is In Low Demand.
  • Seems Like No One Gives A Damn About The Planet.
  • Patronizing You And Saying Something Like “What A Great Idea You Got There! But I Think You’re Better Off Doing…”
  • Sometimes Even Being Looked At Like You Are Some Greedy Salesperson/ Businessperson Trying To Scam The Money Out Of Everyone Else. 

That Is Until We Have It All Figured Out & Are Highly Successful! That Is When Everyone Say I Knew You Can Do It. Good Luck Staying In Business, Having Green Dreams, & Feeding Your Family Etc.

Every Human Being Needs To Make A Living. Everyone Is Selling Something. Be It A Product, Service, Movement, Belief, Image, Your Precious Time...However You Like To Put It. 

Only Ignorant People See Themselves As Better Than Everyone Else. All Human Beings Created Equal Or Not. Knock On Wood, If Accidents Happen Someone Is Going To Have To Pay For The Bill. 

The Responsible Person Who Thinks Long Term Plans Long Term. Empower Yourself So You Can Go & Empower Many More People.  

Green Business Is Not One You Go Into To Make A Quick Buck. At Least Mary Doesn’t See It That Way. You Have To Have A Lot Of Heart To Stick To It Day In Day Out. Overcome Many Struggles If Entrepreneurship Wasn't Itself Challenging Enough. 

There Is No Reason Why A Kind Hearted Person, Who Does Everything They Can, With What They Know, To Open Up A Business To Solve Someone Else’s Problems, In The Most Eco Friendly Manner Possible, For Our Collective Wellbeing,  Should Suffer Financially.

Does It Even Make Sense For Good People To Be Punished & Destined To A Life  Time Of Poverty & Penny Pinching. Tell Me Who Else Would Want To Go Green?

If We Blame People For Chasing Gold. Have We Considered Where We Vote With Our Money & Time? Money Is Not The Only Currency That Matters. Time Is. 

The Consequences Are Directly Related To Our Actions.

If We Choose To Buy Something Useless And Trashy. The World Would Produce More Useless And Trashy Products & Services. Simple Right?

If We Choose To Spend Our Time Doing Nothing.  Nothing Will Get Better.  Simple Right? Only By Doing Something Can We Learn To Become A Better Human Being. 

It Was Never About The Money. Money Is Just Fuel To The Fire To Help Us Free Up More Time So We Can Do What Really Matters & Not Have To Worry About The Basic Necessities In Life. 

When Something Crazy Like This Happens. What Happens First?

People Start To Ask For Donations To Help Others Out!

Have You Ever Felt Bad Because You Would Love To Help, But Have No Money To Give Away?

Sure You Can Volunteer Your Time Away. I Used To Volunteer All The Time. I Really Respect People For Doing It.

But One Person Can Only Do So Much With One Pair Of Hands.

If You Have The Capability To Make Lots Of Money And Donate Millions Of Dollars. How Many Volunteers And Charitable Organizations Can You Help Out?

Do What You Can To Help. Be It One Pair Of Hands, $1 Dollar Or Gazillions.