Mary Who?

 Mary Phan An Eco-Entrepreneur. Ceo & Founder Of Hotpug.Com. Host of UnLeash Your Fire

Mary Phan An Eco-Entrepreneur. CEO & Founder Of Hotpug.Com.

She Is Responsible For The Instagram Handle @HotPugHeroine. Heroine Is The Women Version Of A Hero. She Does Not Sell Drugs. (Funny True Story. Tell You Later!)

An Underdog With Too Many Heart Breaking Stories Decided To Become The Heroine Instead Of The Victim. A Change In Mentality Is Needed. 

After Reading Many Self-Help Books. She Started Her Online Business More Than A Year Ago Initially Hoping To Bring Prosperity To Her Family & Live A 4 Hour Work Week.

After Lots Of Soul Searching. Hitting Her Head In The Dark With Many Different Businesses. Similar To The Idea Of Marriage With No Love Just Daily Annoyance. The One Thing That Became Clear Is That Passion Is A Must.

Thinking back. She Is Tremendously Grateful For All The Kindness Of Strangers Who Helped Her In The Past When She Had Nothing. 

She Is Passionate When It Comes To Helping People & Saving The Planet.The Home To All The Kind Strangers Who Have Helped Her Out. And Home To All The Kind People She Hasn't Met Yet.

Saving The Planet Is What Heroine's Do Best Right?

No Scientist Needed To Prove Anything. No Rules Needed To Be Enforced. 

Let's Minimize All The Arguments, Accusations, Denials, Protests, Criticisms...etc.

Let's Spread Love & Kindness & Help People Connect The Dots.

Let's Keep It Simple Is Her Approach. 

If Someone Asks Her Why Go Green? She Looks To Them & Analyzes. If That Person Looks Like They Like To Go To The Beach. Mary Says To Keep The Beach Clean. 

Most People Are Reasonable. You Just Need To Think From Their Perspective. Speak The Language They Understand.

No Need To Force An Opinion On Anyone. Only Dictators Use Force. How Can One Be Sure One Is Absolutely Right In The First Place?

To Help People Understand The Importance Of Green. See What Is Important To Them & Use That As The Example To Help Reach An Agreeable Solution Together.

So Off To Saving The Planet It Is. She Had No Idea What She Was Taking On.

Her Passion Forced Her Out Of Her Comfort Zone, Challenged Her To UnLeash The Fire Within Her. So One Step In Front Of The Other She Grew Bolder, Stronger, & Opinionated.

Some Started To Call Her Sassy, Maverick, Badass...Her Life Changed Dramatically To Say The Least. 

It Is A Mission Much More Meaningful Than Just Chasing Gold.

What Is Gold? Or Money Let's Say.

It Is A Medium For Exchanging Resources. It Is Insane To Give Up Resources. We All Need Resources To Survive, Strive & Thrive. 

If Money Is What People Want. Empower Them To Make More Of It. 

Everyone Needs To Make A Living. Everyone Is Selling Something If Not A Product, Service, Movement, Belief Or Whatever Way You Like To Word It.

Why Should Anyone Be Shamed For Wanting To Make More Money?

If There Is Anything Wrong With Money It Is People's Greed & The Nasty Things They Do To Get The Money.

Many People Exchange Their Precious Time On Earth For Close To Nothing. In Other Words Selling Yourself Short. Be It A Penny You Asked For Is A Penny You Shall Receive Someone Once Said. 

Green Business Is Not One You Go Into To Make A Quick Buck. At Least Mary Doesn’t See It That Way.

There Is No Reason Why A Kind Hearted Person, Who Does Everything They Can, With What They Know, To Open Up A Business To Solve Someone’s Problems, In The Most Eco-friendly Manner Possible, For Our Collective Wellbeing,  Should Suffer Financial Loss.

There Is Also No Room To Finger Point Anyone Or Any Business For Not Being Perfectly Green. In Essence, No One Is Perfectly Green Or Perfectly Perfect. There Is Always A Better Way To Do Things. We Can Work Towards It Together. 

Don't Make Green Too Hard People Give Up Before Permanently Becoming Part Of The Movements.

If We Blame People For Chasing Gold. Have We Considered Where We Vote With Our Money? The Consequences Are Directly Related To Our Actions. If We Choose To Buy Something Useless And Trashy. The World Would Produce More Useless And Trashy Products And Services. Simple Right?

Go Green. Make Money & Save The Planet! Why Suffer When You Can Prosper & Help More People? Curious How? Listen To The Podcast! 

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