• We Love Experts But Your Real Life Experiences Is Invaluable Too & Sometimes Even Much More Relatable To The Listeners.
  • We Aim To Have Each Episodes Around 25 minutes, But Recording Can Take About 50 Minutes. If The Conversation Flows Very Well, We Might Need More Time To Get To The Meat Of The Story So Please Buffer More Time Than Planned.
  • We Plan To Record Several Weeks Ahead Of Schedule. Therefore Your Episode Will Come Out Several Weeks After Recording.
  • We Are Seeking For Sustainable Business Insight, Inspirational True Stories, Entertaining Anecdotes, Latest Online Business Strategies For Women Eco-Entrepreneurs.
  • We Are Not Interested In Just Discussing About Your Product Or Services. We Will Include It For Sure But There Must Be A Story, Lesson, Something Valuable Or Entertaining For The Listeners To Take Away.
  • Audio Quality Is Important. Please Make Sure You Have A Decent Set Of Headsets Or Mic. 
  • We Will Be Conducting The Interviews Using Zoom.
  • This Is A Podcast Dedicated To Your Success! We Believe In The Power Of Connecting As A Tribe, Helping Lift Each Other Up & Rising Together. We Need Each & Everyone To Honor Their Agreement To Help Promote The Podcast (Eg. Social Media, Word Of Mouth etc) In Order To Become A Part Of It.
  • If Chosen, We Do Need Your Quality Headshot (Minimum Size 1400 x 1400) To Promote You & Your Business. 
  • I Would Love To Interview Everyone But It Is Impossible To Do So.
  • Please Understand We Do Need To Present The Highest Quality Possible & There Are More Requests Than Available Slots!  We Will Contact You By Email If You Are Selected.


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